So lately I've been painting my nails...A LOT! I seriously find it therepeutic.  My boyfriend thinks I'm weird but whatever! LOL  However my recent nail painting hobby inspired this week's Fashion Friday trend. Today is all about the NAILS! I'm here to give you some finger tips,tricks, and easy designs to make those nails catch anyone's attention! Skip the nail salons, and do these yourself! It's super fun and you can definitely get creative with it! :)

The first nail look I want to show you is a " Neon Stripe" look! These nails look good with any bright colored outfit! All you need is your favorite assorted nail colors (ex. China Glaze brand).  It's super cheap and can be found at Walgreens, Target, or similar store. You will also need a base coat and a dry fast top coat. I have a two-in-one bottle so it makes it easier and you don't have to spend money on 2 seperate bottles. And finally you will need a nail fan brush! I found mine at Urban Outfitters, super random but you can find them just about anywhere! Apply 1-2 coats of the bright yellow base color over the top coat. Next, add a few drops of any blue nail polish (either one is fine, but it's important to layer and alternate the cool and warm colors for a contrasting effect). Then, you want to dip the fan brush into the polish and paint one stroke onto your scrap paper to remove excess polish. You might want to even grab a toothpick to remove that excess nail polish from the brush, that way your nails don't look so gooey! Make sure you paint horizontally over the yellow base of your nail. Go Ahead and add a few drops of the peach or even pink (warm shade) nail polish on to the piece of foil and repeat the previous step. Paint horizontally, but start from the opposite side of the previous color. Repeat with the remaining polishes alternating between the cool and warm shades and directions of the brush stroke. Honestly they don't even have to be perfect, the messier is probably the better! This is why I love this design, because it's made for mistakes! Seal the design with a top coat. DONE<3

Time for those Stiletto nails! Here's a simple easy nail look to do right before you go out and party with your girls downtown! Just apply a base coat (gotta protect those nails gurl lol) first then choose a dark rich color  like a Cherry Red, Black, maybe even a Royal Blue? You can get any nail polish brand, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, etc. Make sure to have one nail stand out from the others to get that eye catching attention! Once you have your nails done apply a top coat and allow to dry.  Once dry, add one diamond stud to each nail! You can buy these fake diamonds from Walmart, Walgreens, Target etc! It's a really easy, look and best part is, it's simple! :)

Here's an look however you may need to be a little more creative to pull this one off.  First, like always, apply your base coat topped with your favorite color. The one above color is "Pop Pink" but you can use any color really.  Maybe a yellow, orange, blue, any color that's not too dark.  You want to make sure your cheetah spots stand out! My giirl, Ianna used a toothpick and black nail polish to get her cheetah spots on! She even added some glitter inside the spots to make those spots FIERCE! Nail Polish: Sally Hansen // Glitter: Red Carpet Manicure Nail Glitz Designer Nail Glitters( you can find that at Walgreens).

We are so blessed to live right next to the ocean here in San Diego which is why I was inspired to showcase this look.  I tried this Hard Candy Break Up, and used two different metallic color nail polishes from China Glaze, Deviantly Daring and Calypso Blue. Simply add two coats to each nail, and make sure you make one nail stand out! Then add the Hard Candy Break Up Polish to give it that Sea Scale look! You can even add the little diamonds like we did with the Stiletto Nails above!

Photo Credit: Nails Rock

I recently bought the new Nails Rock Caviar (above) because I've been seeing it in all the commercials and ads and I wanted to try it out. To be honest with you, I was a little intimidated to try it out because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it correctly.

Well boy was I wrong! Nail Rock Caviar was so much fun and it was really easy to apply to my nails! They are pretty much tiny shiny diamond like beads that you dip your painted finger nails into to create a plethora of diamonds on your finger. All you do is apply 2 coats of the nail polish, dip your finger in the beads, let them dry for 15 minutes and there you go. It's so easy and the finished nail looks so cool! Below is my finished hand and it was my first time trying it!

Have fun painting your nails this weekend!

xoxo- Geena