Hey ladies! It's another Instagram Fashion Friday and this week we are discussing something other than clothes....lipsticks!! I absolutely LOVE bright lipsticks.  I love all the different colors and shades.   And even though your lipstick isn't a piece of clothing it is still in every form a important part of fashion!  A good lipstick color can really MAKE your outfit so here are some of my faves. Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Even though this peach color is light it really makes a statement and can be paired with any type of outfit.

OR..Try a two tones of lip color that are similar in color but will make your lips POP and will definitely get everyone's attention!

This is my Nicki Minaj Pink Lipstick from Mac.  I love it! Make sure you put some gloss over it though cuz it's a matte lip color that works better with gloss.

Red is such a classic color that just pops!

 Singer Bonnie Mckee's orangeish red lipstick goes perfect with her personality and style.  I have a color from Mac called Morange that looks pretty similar

I have been OBSESSED with PINK !!

I just got this new Candy Yum Yum lipstick from Mac and I love it!!! It's so hot!!

Larrisa from Chula Vista is going with the Pink, and look at how her lips POP! :)

This is my Girl About Town Lipstick by Mac.  As you can tell, pink is my color right now, so what is yours!?!

Be brave today! Go out and get that bright lip color you've always wanted! Just match it with the right outfit and you're good to go.  

Happy Friday everyone!