Over the weekend you may have seen a story come out about Jeremy Meeks aka the prisoner whose mug shot went viral because he was so hot.  A viral hoax went around claiming that he was dead!  The story said that right after he was released from jail, his wife shot and killed him.  The story had more than 250,000 shares on Facebook on Saturday alone and the #jeremymeeksRIP was trending.   However it turns out that this story is not true.  He is still in jail and is waiting for another court day.


First we had the original Rude song talking about how a dad was so Rude when he was asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Then a dad made a video talking about the “dad’s side of the story” which went viral. And now a new video has gone viral.  It’s the daughter’s side of the story.

Video Credit: YouTube

 10’s of thousands of people showed up for Pride San Diego this weekend.  Orange is the New Black transgender star Laverne Cox raised the flag on Friday night and lots of people showed up to walk in the parade Saturday morning including us!!  Former military members also marched along with first responders, San Diego police, sheriff's deputies and firefighters. And former Nsync member Lance Bass even made a surprise appearance last night at Rich’s in Hillcrest.  He introduced a performer and event went on to the dance floor to dance with fans for a good two hours and was taking lots of photos with fans. We didn’t get a pic however we did get a video. Check out all photos and video by clicking on the photo below.