Hola!!! Here's to another week of fashion trends that are blowing up my Instagram! This week there were tons of events in San Diego which means people were out in full force, strutting their stuff.  Some of the outfits at the Lil Wayne concert were bold and sexy while girls got to show off their football fashion at the Charger's game yesterday.  And today kicks off Labor Day Weekend so you KNOW there will be lots of great looks out and about in San Diego.  Have a great Labor Day weekend and remember whatever you do this weekend, make sure you do it in style! :)

One of our listeners, Danielle from Escondido, is ready for the Labor Day Weekend with a cute top and some colorful shorts! Great Color Combo! I love her shorts and the neat design on her top! LOVE!

 Danielle from Escondido looked sooo FLY at the Weezy Concert this week! Great outfit girl! And it's a perfect outfit for all the Labor Day parties this weekend.

Jackie from North Park, took my advice about the simple long headbands that I absolutely LOVE right now. You can simply tie one in your hair whenever you're having a bad hair day, in a hurry, or would just like to add a nice touch of cuteness! She is rockin a darker color with a cute little design! Love it Jackie!

Ashley from the College Area, is READY for football season! She sported a simple jersey with her favorite player's number on it at last night's game! I love her simple style and matching headband.  What kind of creative football looks can you create?! Simple or Bolt Out!?

Ruth from downtown is also about the trendy headbands out right now.  I really like her casual outfit and color coordination! She is definitely ready for the fall season. She doesn't look too over dressed or under dressed and it's perfect for any kind of outing, weather it's to go shopping, to the beach, or wherever!

And here Ruth is...sooo ready for the Labor Day Weekend! She is NOT afraid to rock a one piece! FIERCE! I love her flower headdress as well(sorry I been so obsessed with head pieces lol). Where can I make one of those?

Hey Brittany!! Brittany rocked a red carpet in LA wearing a gorgeous top and some awesome snake print shorts! I love how she's working the snake skin?! 

Add a touch of glitter to those nails! You can find some really good glittery nail polish at Target, Wal-Mart, or even a Rite-Aid! It's really inexpensive and it lasts pretty well! Sometimes, a little shine is all you need :)

Check out Brittany's accessory collection?!! OH EM GEE! Accessories, accessories, and MORE accessories! A little goes a long way in my opinion! It can be a small necklace, cute shades, or even cute little bows! Just not all at once, because then you will look like a sales rack at Claire's LOL! What's your favorite finishing touch? Sunglasses,bows, rings??

Here's a cute outfit for the weekend! A cute crop top with some high waisted shorts! It's not too much and not too little! And plus, it has been sooo hot lately! 

How about some color? I love the checkered bikini she has on underneath that creamy yellow button up she is rockin! And what about for the fellas?  Don't you just love that rich red color!? Don't be scared to experiment with colors and patterns like this! It's so wrong it's right! LOVE!

Thank you soooo much to all the listeners that caught my eye with their fashion trends! You guys are awesome! September is pretty much here so start thinking about pulling out those long sleeves and tossing those bikinis and crop tops in storage! However we do live in San Diego where summer weather pretty much doesn't end until October so on second thought, hold off on those long sleeves.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend! MUAHH!