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Farrah Abraham is fighting the release of her second video which is supposed to be a sequel to her first film. Even though Abraham's claims she is not a porn star and does not want her newest video released, she has privately been shopping the tape around. The porn star has been bugging porn producers to pay through the roof for this new film. Farrah's first film "Backdoor Teen Mom" was released a year ago, and is still a top seller.  TMZ has learned Farrah tried to contact Vivid Entertainment last month for her quarterly royalty check.  We found that Vivid wired her $93,927.72 for the last quarter of 2013.  We're told Farrah has received more than that amount from Vivid for previous quarters. Farrah was paid in the 6 figures to shoot the film. Farah keeps claiming she is a mother and writer and denies tall porn star allegations. Unfortunately for Farah she signed away all her rights to the film, so expect Vivid to be releasing a second film. A source close to also Vivid says "Expect a third one."