Here are some of our favorite things happening in technology, fashion, and in San Diego!

Frankie V
I have found the best app for frugal happy hour going people like myself! "The King of Happy Hour" app. It has every area of SD on it. You pick the area, you pick the day, and then you get a list of all the restaurants in the area having happy hour then. You can click each restaurant and see the time, the specials, and more! This app has saved me time and money every day that I want to get happy hour. If you are frugal like me, I recommend getting it!

I am obsessed with these new jeans I got from H & M. The best part is they are only $20 bucks! I got a pair in jean and black. They are super stretchy and super comfy. They almost feel like jeggings. Ladies if you need to buy some new everyday jeans but you want them to feel like leggings these are the ones to get! Plus they are only $20 bucks! Score!!!

San Diego Steve
Sushi Deli #1 in Hillcrest Be prepared to wait. Just know the wait is worth it. Sushi is awesome and the prices are really reasonable for sushi. My girlfriend and I got 5 rolls and 4 beers for less than $50. Enjoyment to dollar ratio is high. Also, fellas... $.99 Bud Lights. That is all.