Here are some of our favorite things happening in technology, fashion, and in San Diego!

Frankie V
Yesterday Facebook launched their latest app, Facebook Paper. It’s your Facebook life mixed with headlines and news categories of your choice in a nice clean layout that’s easy to navigate. It removes all the cludder of your current facebook page and is actually MADE BY FACEBOOK. You can post on it, keep updated on your friends and hobbies and more!! People are saying they will soon move away from their regular facebook pages and only use this app!!

Everyone loves posting selfies on Instagram, or maybe even posting pics of your favorite sunset or cool artsy find? And now because of Instagram we all think we’re photographers right, using filters to make our pictures look super cool. Well imagine if you could blow up your Instagram pics and turn them into huge canvases?? Making you feel like a real life photographer! Well now you can! They are called Instagram canvases and they will only cost you around 40 bucks. They are printed on museum quality canvas and they arrive ready to hang. You can even print your Instagram picture on an iphone case, pillows, greeting cards, and shirts! And other people can even buy your Instagram canvases or you can buy other people’s Instagram canvases. How cool is that? Click HERE to visit the website! xoxo Geena

San Diego Steve
Pizza Port in OB off Bacon St is a great spot for pizza by the beach. The attitude is typical laid back OB, which I dig! Second the beer is awesome I tried four different kinds and I was thoroughly impressed with each of them! They always have their own brews on tap, but they also have guest breweries that share the spotlight every night of the week. If you're a craft beer lover like I am, check this place out! Now finally the pizza...... AMAZING!!!! Great crust plenty of cheese and a ton of toppings that don't steal the show! Well done pizza port I will be back.......