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May 7th is the 127th day of the year.


There are 238 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 4 days remaining until Mother's Day

Today is National School Nurse Day, National Roast Leg of Lamb Day, National Teacher Appreciation Day and National Tourism Day

-- On this date in 1878, the fire escape was invented

-- On this date in 1957, Elliot Ness died

-- On this date in 1986, Joan Rivers began a late-night TV talk show on the Fox Network. It died shortly thereafter

-- On this date in 1998, Mercedes-Benz agreed to buy Chrysler for more than $37 billion

-- On this date in 1998, singer Eddie Rabbitt died

-- On this date in 1999, a jury found The Jenny Jones Show liable in the shooting death of Scott Amedure. Producers duped Jonathan Schmitz into appearing on a secret same-sex crush episode before he later killed Amedure. A jury awarded Amedure's family $25 million

-- On this date in 2000, Vladimir Putin was inaugurated as Russia's president.

-- On this date in 2008, Jessica Simpson took issue with President Bush for claiming she was responsible for the Dallas Cowboys late season collapse. When asked how the Republicans planned to beat the Democrats in the Presidential election, Dubya said, "We're gonna send Jessica Simpson to the Democratic National Convention." Jessica responded, "I don't know - other than me wearing my man's jersey and cheering him on. And him not playing the way he would've hoped and all of a sudden I'm to blame. That was ludicrous. I don't understand why they think that I would be a distraction to Tony. Do they really think he can see way far up in that box? No. He's the most focused person I've ever dated."

-- On this date in 2009, Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games for violating Major League Baseball's drug policy. Yahoo Sports said the illegal substance he took was supposed to boost one's sex drive.