International Talk Like a Pirate Day is today September 19th. And we here at Channel933 want to make sure you know how to talk like a Pirate so here are a few words to help you be the best Pirate you can be.

Ahoy!- Hello

Lubber- Land lover, or poor seamen

Savy?- Do you understand and do you agree?

Shiver Me Timbers- Well I'll Be

Aye/Arrgh/Yarr- Yes Indeed! Argh can also be used if your discontent or disgusted

Me Harties- My Friends (A Great Way to End a Sentence)

Frankie & Geena even got into the spirit today!

Avast Ye! Frankie & Geena found gold in the studios!!

These Lubber's just throwing gold around like its nothing....Arrgh

Also what better way to celebrate than with free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the official snack of choice for people with one wooden leg the world over?

Participating Krispy locations are offering a free glazed doughnut to customers who come in and greet them with a hearty "Ahoy, landlubber!" or, "Yo ho ho!", or anything else that you heard someone say at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland when you were six. But that's not all, matey! If you wear any three of eight designated costume pieces like pirate hats, bandanas, or eye-patches, you will get one DOZEN FREE original glazed doughnuts. Just be careful or it'll all go straight to your booty. And for that, we shall walk the plank