1) BE EARLY: remember thousands of people across the west coast/ nation / world is going to the same spot! You do not want to miss out on anything, and plus how much did you spend on your ticket? ....EXACTLY. Make this trip your money's worth. The show usually starts at 7 pm so leave from your hotel 2-3 hours early . You may be an hour early and have to wait, but it's better than being 5 hours late if you leave 30 minutes before 7pm.

You are going to be dancing all  night long! You're gonna need to stay hydrated the whole weekend and even watch what you eat. The worst thing to happen, is for you to have some food sickness during the best weekend of your life! Plus they have water stations around EDC so make sure to find them and fill up. 

- There is going to be over 300,000 people at this event! DO NOT LOSE YOUR FRIENDS! Pick a Central Point at the Venue and agree to at least meet there at the end of the rave so you guys can leave all together safe. Return in One Piece! lol

** There's an "Find Friends" APP where you can create an account and keep an eye where everyone is at! In case you do get lost, you know where your friends are at.

** Don't Forget! SnapChat has a feature where you can see live updates and videos of EDC and #fng933 of all your favorite edc moments!