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Opens in theaters: October 11, 2013

Rated PG-13

Review: We all know how the story of Romeo & Juliet goes: a girl and boy from rival families fall in love, but their relationship does not go in their favor.  This Shakespearean play is a well-known tragic love story, so I won’t bore you with a long synopsis. There have been a couple of remakes of this play; for example, Leonardo DiCaprio was Romeo in Shakespeare in Love, and that adaptation was amazing. So I was hesitant of how this version would do. I’m sad to report that I left the theater feeling a little disappointed with the acting in this movie.  Trust me when I say I was so shocked because Hailee Steinfeld (Juliet) was an Oscar-nominee for her work in True Grit, so I thought she would do a great job in this, but that wasn’t the case.  Douglas Booth, who plays Romeo, certainly fit the part of playing handsome Romeo because my goodness…he is GORGEOUS to look at, but his acting did not cut it.  If you’re familiar with the Old English language, you might have a hard time understanding what they are saying.  I did, even though I’ve read and wrote papers on this love story since grade school.  I didn’t like how the beginning was very slow, which is ironic because the duration of the story is very short, and then it was rushed at the end.  Besides the bad acting, I did like how the director filmed the sex scene between Romeo & Juliet.  It was very tasteful and appropriate, taking into account of how old Steinfeld is. 

I give Romeo & Juliet one thumb down.  I love this tragic love story, despite how old it is.

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