Photo Credit: Getty Images

 Opens in theaters: May 16, 2014

Rated PG-13

Review: It’s a remake of the classic! Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) stars alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) as father and son to discover the real cause of a “natural” disaster that occurred in Japan about 15 years ago. Now the same cause is back to wreak havoc on the U.S. and the only solution to save the world is Godzilla. The visuals in this remake are awe-inspiring just by giving the audience intense sensations with slight glimpses of the creature. The only improvement needed was to have less emotional scenes between the human characters and focus more drama in the action sequences that involved Godzilla. 

I give Godzilla one thumb up. It is a good adaptation to introduce a new generation of movie-watchers to the legendary tale.

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