Here's what you might have missed this morning as you were heading off to work or school:

6:35a We discuss if it's okay to date a friend's ex. Should that be allowed or is that completely crossing the line? Listen to our discussion here!

7:35a So many celebrities are paying insurance for their signature body feature. Which body part do you value the most? Click here to find out what fellow listeners say!

8:35a We follow up on phone screener Alicia's dilemma of a missing package that she knows her neighbor stole. Find out what happens during their confrontation.

Geena the Latina is not feeling 100% better quite yet, so Sarah Beebe fills in for her again. Sarah gives the scoop at 6:10a (celeb announces pregnancy), 7:10a (Justin Bieber might have landed a new gig), and 8:10a (top celeb to bring home to mom).

Catch you tomorrow morning, San Diego!