This video has gone viral.  It’s of two women who were trespassing on railroad tracks in Indiana when they got caught in the middle of a bridge as the train came towards them.  At first they try to outrun the train, however when they realize that’s not going to work the women lie down in the middle of the tracks.  The conductor on the bus assumed the women had died however it turns out that they had survived and fled the scene.  The incident is now being considered a criminal matter. Watch the video below.

 Source: Youtube

So you know the phrase “Bye Felicia” that everyone has been using forever now??  Well it is originally taken from the movie Friday however a woman claims she trademarked the phrase more than 15 years ago and now she is suing hundreds of companies for using the phrase on T-shirts and other items.  James said she sent out over 1,000 cease and desist letters, with many of the companies refusing to comply. Felicia, who legally owns the phrase, will undoubtedly win each of her 105 lawsuits and could be granted as much as $25 million.“I plan to file at least 500 more lawsuits in the coming year against entities who refuse to stop using the phrase,” Felicia stated.

Source: Youtube


So this man’s wife refused to take maternity pictures for whatever reason so instead the guy decided to hire his own photographer and take maternity pictures of his own and these pics are the most awkward thing ever!!!  



So the #1 trending thing online right now is the name Lauren Goodger!  When I read Lauren Goodger I was like who is that??  Well it turns out that she is a reality star in the UK and a 6 second sex tape of her leaked online!!  People are calling it the shortest sex tape ever.  At first, people didn’t believe the tape actually existed however it does and now people are saying she leaked it herself however she says it was her ex-boyfriend.