July 28th


Comicon was trending all weekend long all over the worlds.  Lots of celebs were in town and the streets of downtown were packed!!  The first photo of the new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot in costume was revealed at Comic-Con which everyone was talking about.  And of course everyone is talking about this video that came out of a woman being run over by a car during the Zombie Walk Saturday night.  There are conflicting reports as to what exactly happened but what we do know is that a car was in the midst of all the crowd during the Zombie Walk and was impatient trying to nudge his way through.  That’s when two men jumped on this guys hood in protest and according to the driver started pounding on the windshield.  That’s when the driver sped off, unfortunately running over a woman’s hand.  The video is intense.


Credit: TMZ.com




What is up with the weather in San Diego right now?  It was in the high 80’s over the weekend, was extremely muggy, and there were even thunder showers yesterday! It’s going to stay in the low 80’s today with more storms throughout San Diego.  It will be like this through Wednesday where it’s going to hit almost 90 on Friday and Saturday then cool back down to the mid 80’s.  Either way, it’s going to be pretty much the same type of weather all week.


The Simpson's meet Family Guy! For years these two popular Fox shows have been at war with one an other including taking cheap shots.  However now the two are finally have buried the hatchet, as Family Guy cast makes their way into Springfield to meet the Simpsons! This episode is set to take place Sept 28th entitled "The Simpson's Guy." Check out the this video that came out over the weekend at Comic Con! 


 Video Credit: YouTube