July 29th



The official trailer for the new Hunger Games movie: Mockingjay -Part 1 was released at Comic-Con over the weekend and since then it’s been one of the top trending things online!!  A series of clips were released before, but this is actually the full trailer!!



 Video Credit: YouTube



How many times have you fallen asleep with your cell phone on your bed? And has that phone ever slipped underneath your pillow? If so, you better start putting your phone somewhere else before you go to bed.  A 13-year-old girl woke up recently to the smell of something burning and when she looked under her pillow, she saw it was her phone. When her dad pulled it off the bed, it looked like a charcoal briquette.   I guess she was using a rechargeable battery which was the cause of the mini fire on her bed.  The phone company is picking up the cost of replacing the phone, the bedding and even the mattress. 


Check out the photos here: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/girls-galaxy-s4-smartphone-burns-under-her-pillow-as-93135039699.html

Photo Credit: Getty Images






Ok so once in a while, relaxing and eating horrible is ok.  But if you go from one pathetic meal to the next, day after day, it might be a problem.  So a list of signs that you’ve “given up” have come out and if you do any of these things it’s time to shape up!



- Stuffing your face with cold fries at the bottom of an old fast-food bag.


- Microwaving week-old pizza extra long to make it soft.


- Eating cheese dip with your fingers because you ran out of chips.


- Using ketchup as tomato sauce.


- Getting extra fast-food to microwave later.


- Eating cereal for a meal that isn't breakfast.


- Putting a half-finished beer in the fridge for later.


- Eating over the sink to conserve dishes.


- Having a "regular" meal you get at 7-Eleven