Giant Egg Sculptures Displayed In NYC For Easter Season : News Photo


A new survey by Asda reveals that moms will spend 13 hours cleaning, cooking and preparing for Easter. Other findings:

- 21% of people will argue over stolen Easter eggs

- 12% of people will argue about broken Easter Eggs

- 11% of people will complain about not getting enough chocolate for Easter

- 13% of people will complain about cleaning up on Easter

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A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that the average person will spend $137.46 on Easter this year. That's down from $145.13 last year. Other findings:

- total Easter spending is expected to reach $15.9 billion

- 43% of people will purchase a new outfit for Easter

- 89% of people plan to buy Easter candy

- families will also spend on gifts ($2.4 billion), flowers ($1.1 billion), and decorations ($1.1 billion)

The National Retail Federation says more than 1 billion Easter eggs are hunted in the United States each year. Other Easter stats from the NRF:

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An estimated 60 million chocolate bunnies are sold each Easter.

The most popular Easter candy is chocolate eggs.

The most popular Easter candy, after chocolate, is Peeps. An estimated 700 million are sold each year.

Easter is second only to Christmas in candy sales and ranks behind that holiday and Mother's Day in flower sales.

Hershey sells enough Cadbury Creme Eggs to fill over 100 million Easter baskets.

over 16 billion jellybeans will be eaten this Easter.