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Opens in theaters: January 10, 2014

Rated PG-13

Review: Save your time and money: DO NOT watch The Legend
of Hercules
in theaters! If you want to see mediocre action stunts,
horrible visuals, and over-dramatic acting, then go ahead and watch this movie
at your own risk.  This story of Hercules
(Kellan Lutz) follows his journey back home to Greece to save his true love
from marrying his evil older brother, after being sent to Egypt by the king/
“father” to be killed in a set-up battle. This film tries to emulate movies
such as 300 and Gladiator with the way the fight scenes were shot, but it does
not even compare with those classics in any other way.

I give The Legend of Hercules two thumbs down. Sorry
Kellan Lutz…looks like this won’t be your breakout role.

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