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Opens in theaters: March 14, 2014

Rated R


Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel shares the life story of a famous European hotel concierge named M. Gustave (Ralph Finnes), whom many rich travelers seek for during their stay. His protégé is a lobby boy named Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori), and the tale follows their friendship as they help one another escape from the wrath of a jealous man who accuses Gustave of murdering his wealthy and elderly mother. This film is highly entertaining with a “Charlie Chaplin-esque” about it and colorful settings that create fun and whimsical atmospheres while watching. The witty jokes and ridiculous vaudeville-style acting will have you laughing non-stop.  


I give The Grand Budapest Hotel two thumbs up. Check out Ralph Finnes play this prim-and-proper, yet funny character that is completely opposite from what you’re used to seeing him in (i.e. “Voldemort” in the Harry Potter series).


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