Opens in theaters: August 16, 2013

Rated: PG-13

Review: I was sadly disappointed with Jobs.  I had expected to learn a lot about Steve Jobs’ (Ashton Kutcher) personal life and how he created the Apple phenomenon with a more in-depth background on its products, but it was more focused on the business side of it, including all the politics.  The film did a good job on showing his transition from a hippie to a businessman, but the constant talk about business and numbers was very boring and made it seem like the movie was dragging on and on. Kutcher’s performance reminded me of a woman PMS-ing, always upset and never satisfied.  I’ll admit it—I did get teary during an emotional scene between Jobs and his father at a rough time.  But I did not care for how something bad always went wrong, and when there might be an uplifting moment, it gets ruined by another devastating event.  It felt like every second of Jobs was a lose-lose situation, which makes it very depressing to watch.  In addition to it being boring, the movie constantly had inspirational speeches, which made it corny and lost the adrenaline feeling it was meant to create within viewers.

I give Jobs one thumb down.  Hopefully, another movie about Steve Jobs will be made in the near future that will focus more on interesting topics about this revolutionary man that will be more captivating to audiences.