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Julie's Movie Review: Enemy

Julie's Movie Review: Enemy
Posted March 28th, 2014 @ 9:30am

Photo: Getty Images

Opens in theaters: March 28, 2014

Rated R

Review: Based on the 2004 novel, The Double by José Saramago, Enemy tells the story of a history professor named Adam Bell (Jake Gyllenhaal) who discovers that a local actor is his doppelganger. Bell confronts the identical person to try to better understand how it’s even possible, but situations become intensified as Bell experiences their lives being intertwined. I love and appreciate abstract art, but Enemy is completely bizarre to me. This movie contains a lot of symbolism; however, it lacked in providing that powerful punch because of the unclear flashbacks and staggered scenes. Even the ending goes unexplained, which will have movie-goers leaving confused and disoriented.

I give Enemy one thumbs down. The acting from the cast was phenomenal, but the way the story was told is extremely confusing.

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