How would you feel if you discovered that you had a twin sibling somewhere out there? That's what happened for Audrey Doering of Wisconson when she met Gracie Rainsberry of Washington. 

These 10-year-old twins were adopted from China by different families when they were just babies.

Their reunion left every person in the audience (and probably at home too) without a dry eye. 


How did they find out?

Audrey's mom, Jennifer, decided to research Audrey's past one day. She contacted a lost and found group in China and eventually got a photo of her daughter with a foster mom... AND an identical twin! 

After seeing the pic, Jennifer was determined to find out who and where the other girl was through social media. 

Jennifer eventually contacted Gracie's mom, Nicole Rainsberry, and confirmed their daughters' relation through a DNA test. It was a 100% match.  They were identical twins!

After talking to each other online, they learned that both girls loved chicken Alfredo and mac 'n' cheese.  They also both share the same heart condition. 


After the reunion

Both girls received tickets to School of Rock on Broadway, dinner at Planet Hollywood, and plane tickets by to visit each other after the reunion.