Now that Pokemon Go has taken over our lives it's had some positive effects.  We're off our seats and walking again. Some of us are finding new places around our cities. 

According to psychologist John M. Grohol, players with mental health issues are seeing some changes and improvements in their anxiety and depression. 

Now that the Pokemon Go app has gained popularity on both iTunes and Android Play stores, it's encouraging players to get active. 

Could it be that gaming is good for your health?

"I think this is a wonderful demonstration of the unintentional but beneficial consequences of gaming and producing a game that encourages healthy exercise," says Grohol over on PsychCentral.

With the positives also comes negatives

A teenager in Wyoming found a dead body while trying to catch a Pokemon.  Robbers mugged unsuspecting players at certain locations.  

Here are some Tweets about Pokemon Go from players: