Justin Bieber has been permanently banned from a Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving Facility. A source told E! Online that Justin and six others arrived at the facility minutes before closing on Sunday (June 16th) and agreed to pay after flying. He was given the option to either pay or post an Instagramphoto of himself.The singer reportedly agreed to upload the picture as the method of payment; however an insider told the site that he reneged on the deal. Another source said that the entire crew left without paying or tipping. The total cost was $1,600.

In other news, J.B. uploaded a new video of himself on Instagram on Sunday (June 23rd). The caption of the video said, "#whyigottafallandcutmyneckbeforeaphotoshoot fun." In the video, he said, ["So, I decided I was gonna fall down the stairs. And so I did. So, that's exactly what I did."]  He also showed a bruise on his neck from the fall in the video. 

Meanwhile, OK! magazine claims Justin Bieber wants to date Miley Cyrus. A source says, ''There is sexual tension. Justin would do anything to hook up with Miley. He figures they could be the king and queen of young Hollywood.''